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DC Music Cohort - Arts Advocacy Day

Submitted by theinfinitegoodness on Fri, 03/09/2018 - 02:51

On Wed. March 14th 2018, Arts Action DC has organized a day of conversations with D.C. City Council members and administrators. With the recent misrepresentation by the Office of Planning of the music community in Washington D.C. as consisting of just 360 individuals, this is a necessary opportunity for the music community to voice their concerns about being passed over in consideration of the cultural plan and advocate for our community of professionals and audiences. If you are available for even an hour or 2 during the day, please sign-up, even musical support of serenades for advocates and staff is appreciated.

The specific items being advocated for by Arts Action DC during Arts Advocacy Day are as follows;

1. Dedicated funding for DCCAH, ­ support Councilmember Evans’ .25% of DC sales tax towards cultural funding;
estimated $43.1 million annually

Examples that this funding could accomplish:
● Funding more artists and arts organizations
● Providing larger general operating support for greater organizational sustainability
● Multi year grant making
● Expanding equity in grantmaking across all wards
● New initiatives in priority areas such as expanded youth cultural experiences, African
American heritage, etc.


2. Implementation of Cultural Plan , with Office of Planning responsible for producing funding
allocations and suggested mechanisms/ responsible agencies (DPMED, OP and DSLBD) for
following priority plan recommendations:

  • 1. Creation of the Cultural Facilities Fund
    • “Support maintenance of existing space and creation of new facilities includingpresentation, production and flexible spaces. The funds will help support both purchase and leases of cultural space” (*Recommended Investment 3)
  • 2. Cultural Space Innovation Grant Program
    • “Establish grant program to encourage property owners to incorporate permanent andtemporary cultural space with affordable rents” (*Recommended Investment 4)
  • 3. Affordable Housing for Artists
    • “Work with DHCD and Housing Finance Agency to increase access to affordable housing programs for cultural producers and individual artists. Work with cultural creators to help them qualify for existing programs and develop financing tools to increase housing options for District residents with non traditional income.” (*Cultural Creator Recommendations2)
  • 4. Increase Youth Programming
    • “Develop additional youth programming and partnerships that offer mentorship and pre­professional education to young people, allowing them to build creative foundations, develop talent and ultimately thrive as cultural curators/ consumers/ creators.” (*Cultural Creator Recommendation 3)
    • ­ Emphasize both in­school and out of school experiences and learning
    • ­ Ensure equitable access to the arts and humanities for children of all ages and abilities
    • ­ Services by DC arts and humanities educators and institutions, large and small
  • 5. Support Local Cultural Identity and Traditions
    • “Continue to invest in cultural and local history initiatives and expand access to resources that support the cultivation and expression of cultural identity and locally significant traditions, including music, food, fashion and art.” (*Cultural Creator Recommendation 4).
    • This includes:
      • ­ Methods/ initiatives to preserve DC’s African American arts and cultural heritage
      • ­ Establishment of permanent oral history program
  • 6. Marketing Campaign
    • “Marketing campaign along with Destination DC and DMPED to market the District’scultural opportunities to District, regional, national and international audiences” (*Recommended Investment 8)